Who We Are – Bara Group

Agribusiness Challenges in Nigeria:

  • Nigeria is one of the least mechanized agriculture sector markets in the world with a considerable potential for growth
  • Nigeria is still at the early stages of agricultural mechanization but could present strong growth opportunities, largely due to base effects.
  • Nigeria needs to adopt a scientific approach to farm land utilization plans

Bara Group Solution:

BaraGroup has been founded to holistically address the Agriculture shortcomings through:

  • Agribusiness Advisory: Establishment of a world class advisory group and centre of excellence for Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
  • Agricultural Equipment investment: Establishing the farm equipment hire group needed to achieve state of the art SLM approaches
  • State of the Art Precision Farming and Processing: Providing investment opportunities leveraging the advisory and equipment hire groups

Bara Group Organogram


  • Combination of industry experts with over 100 years of experience in key specialties
  • Primary focus on addressing the Technology and Educational gaps as it relates to Agribusiness in Nigeria
  • Committed to Nigeria’s vision of becoming an Agricultural independent nation by 2025


What we Do

PAAWA - Precision Agribusiness Advisory West Africa

PAAWA offers large-scale commercial agribusiness advisory services and expertise within the global agricultural sector including:


  • Global Business Management
  • Irrigated crop production, processing, marketing, sales and distribution for staple crops and high quality vegetables and fruits
  • Livestock production, marketing, sales and distribution

PAAWA also offers planning and design of unique SLM & FLUP blueprints for agricultural properties:

  • SLM – Sustainable Land Management methodologies
  • FLUP – Farm Land Use Planning

Bara AgEquipHire Ltd – Agribusiness Mechanization

 BAE provides farm equipment for hire in Nigeria:

  • Facilitates land development using Sustainable Land Management (SLM) clearing and cultivation techniques, SLM Contouring, and SLM Primary Minimum Tillage/Conservation of Agriculture Land
  • The SLM development approaches utilized will provide better soils and increased production
  • Offers SLM contracting services for planting, crop protection and harvest with an initial focus on cassava production
  • Management team with significant experience operating farm equipment in Nigeria

BAE will offer mechanized support for agribusinesses and farmers and provide contracting services to organisations who would like a fixed cost for mechanization

BAE provides expert and professionally trained operations personnel, saving organisations training and operations expenses for mechanization

Our Equipment – Land Development, Tillage, Planting to Harvest 


Mechanization Services Offered

General Price for Contracting Service BAE

Transport to site is additional cost of price stated below paid for by the customer.

                                                             Rare NGN:USD  365