Agribusiness Challenges in Nigeria:

  • Nigeria is one of the least mechanized agriculture sector markets in the world with a considerable potential for growth
  • Nigeria is still at the early stages of agricultural mechanization but could present strong growth opportunities, largely due to base effects.
  • Nigeria needs to adopt a scientific approach to farm land utilization plans

Bara Group Solution:

BaraGroup has been founded to holistically address the Agriculture shortcomings through:

  • Agribusiness Advisory: Establishment of a world class advisory group and centre of excellence for Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
  • Agricultural Equipment investment: Establishing the farm equipment hire group needed to achieve state of the art SLM approaches
  • State of the Art Precision Farming and Processing: Providing investment opportunities leveraging the advisory and equipment hire groups

Bara Group Organogram     

  • Combination of industry experts with over 100 years of experience in key specialties
  • Primary focus on addressing the Technology and Educational gaps as it relates to Agribusiness in Nigeria
  • Committed to Nigeria’s vision of becoming an Agricultural independent nation by 2025