Aze Farming Ltd (AZE) – Production & Processing Centre of Excellence

 AZE focuses on the following:

AZE Imala Production Centre of Excellence:

  • Sustainable Land Management (SLM) clearing, development and cultivation techniques used to maximize soil and water conservation producing better soils
  • The SLM approach will increase quality and yields
  • Sustainable goat farming methodologies utilized to maximize utilization of natural resources and profitability

AZE Imala Processing Centre of Excellence:

  • Provide processing facilities to AZE with sustainable processing
  • Processing Centre also available to local Cassava producers

AZE Management team with significant large-scale commercial agribusiness experience

AZE Farming Ltd (AZE) – Current Activities

  • Cassava Production
  • Demonstration farm at Imala
  • Clearing and Planting initial 400 Hectares of Cassava, 1500 Hectares planned
  • Meat Goat Farming
  • Expanding pasture on initial 460 Hectare farm at Imala, 2000 Hectares planned
  • Garri Processing
  • Construction of 40 ton / day feedstock plant ongoing